Eliza Harrison

Eliza Harrison is a senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who is pursuing a B.S. degree in Environmental Health Science from the Gillings School of Global Health. Notwithstanding her evolving career aspirations, she is determined to devote her intellectual and creative capabilities toward mitigating the effects of climate change. Whether through public health, marine science, or ecosystem economics, she aspires to serve an institution or organization that will help shift global society towards a more sustainable future. Separate from her academic studies, she has spent the last fifteen months working for Ocean Rainforest – the largest seaweed harvesting and processing organization in the Western Hemisphere. As the natural landscape allows, Eliza also enjoys telemark skiing, whitewater kayaking, and backpacking.  

Emily Kian

Emily Kian is a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is studying Environmental Studies, Global Health, and Strategic Communication. As a native Floridian, Emily has always had a strong interest in marine conservation. In high school, she interned with a research ecologist and conducted research on the body condition indexes of green turtles living in the Everglades. At UNC, Emily serves as the Public Relations Executive of Carolina Conservation Technology (CCT). Additionally, Emily has her advanced open water SCUBA certification as well as five specialty SCUBA certifications. Preserving the long term viability of marine environments is extremely important to her because it is where she feels the most at home and also where she hopes to find her future career. Aside from her professional ambitions, Emily works for My Name My Story, an education organization that hosts empathy workshops in high schools all over the country.


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